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We are a team of professional producers, and we have one thing in common: we are passionate about music. We are based in Barcelona, New York, Sydney and London and we work for customers from all over the world: mainly US, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

friendly customer service and a talented group of music producers have put together an easy solution to tackle an every-day-problem in the music industry.



Andre is a sound engineer and music producer. He majored in microelectronics and minored in sound engineering at SAE Institute in Barcelona.

Awarded with a Latin Grammy for the recording of «La Bicicleta» by Shakira and Carlos Vives. Head producer at D9 Studios where he produces and records for several bands, TV, radio, and internet commercials.



Jan is a multidisciplinar musician and music producer.

Among other disciplines, he is a multi-instrumentalist, band leader and, last but not least, in-house composer at D9 Studios where he produces music for bands, ensembles, and media commercials for TV, radio and online advertising.

O. Colome

Music Specialist & Customer Service




CEO & Founder