Song Production Services

Your music deserves to shine: step up the game and become a published artist

Welcome to our most creative process yet. 

We record and produce all the instruments and we make the vocals blend in the full mix. We will work together with you until your music is ready to be published on the most popular streaming platforms!

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Sheet Music

Recorded as you want. Using your smartphone will be the easiest way!

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Sheet music, chords, or lyrics in any file format (e.g. PDF, DOCX, JPG, etc.)

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Streaming platforms… here we come!

We will send you the completed song in high-quality audio format.

How does it work?

1. Send us your idea

Send us your idea (a voice memo or lyrics will work just fine!). Share with us what are you seeking and what are your creative guidelines (any reference tune will work!). 

So you fancy a horn section? Do you picture a real symphonic orchestra? What about a single grand piano? Say no more… just let that imagination flow!

2. We discuss the details of the project

We are a team of producers, composers, and arrangers: we will listen to your ideas and get back to you with an end-to-end proposal.

3. We agree on a budget and send you a sample of the work

When all details and price quotes have been agreed on, you place your order securely to get us started.

4. Once approved, we do our magic and produce your track

Our professional team will craft your idea as previously agreed and we will ensure the process is smooth. We will keep you updated if any topic arises. We will work together to ensure we are always on the right track.

5. We work together to make it perfect

We make sure everything sits in the right spot. Some fine-tuning and… we are good to go!

6. Streaming platforms… Here we come!

Share, publish and sell your records. Your music deserves to shine, become a published artist.


Commonly asked questions and answers about topics such as how does the process work, turnaround time, general product information, pricing rates, and payment process.

1. Ask: Contact us and send us some ideas about the song that you want us to produce. We will get back to you with feedback, more ideas, a price quote and the expected delivery time.
2. Place your order: If everything sounds reasonable, we will send you the instructions to place your payment using PayPal, credit or debit card. We will start working on your music right away and keep you posted on the progress.
3. Click and play!  As soon as your request is finished, your music will be sent via email in a high quality audio format. 
4. Send us your feedback: Let us know if there is anything that we can do to change or improve the production for you.

You can ask for pretty much… ANYTHING! So you fancy a horn section? Do you picture a real symphonic orchestra? What about a single grand piano? Say no more… just let that imagination flow!

Our Song Production Services will help you curate your music to a top-notch and ready-to-publish level. On top of that, any kind of instrument, genre, studio gear, and session musicians can play a role here.

Our Songwriting Services are conceived for you to fine tune a song and record it using the most common instruments available. 

Yes! We produce music for any kind of media-related project such as animation‎, audio-books‎, film‎, podcasting‎, television, documentaries, video games‎, etc. Contact us for further information! 

The answer is pretty short and simple: YES! Looking forward to work on yours 😉
Reach out!

Once we agree on the exact details of your production, we will send you a link to pay in your local currency and confirm the order is ready to be placed.

We accept VISA and Mastercard cards. Additionally, with the PayPal checkout, you can use PayPal funds, e-Checks, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Cards.

If this option doesn’t work for you, we also accept payments by direct bank transfer – instructions will be provided via email.

Note that you can create a customer account with us if you want. You can use it for future purchases and to easily keep track of your orders.

All payment gateways are encrypted and secure.

The easiest way to contact us is via email:
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You can call us from everywhere in the world:
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Rest of the World: +1 347-329-4343

Please find more information on our Contact page.


Our prices are reasonable, fair, and competitive. They all depend on the length of the song, the complexity, the studio requirements of your request, and the time to be invested by our team (among others).

All our prices take into account the time and studio technology that will be required to produce the music, and this is based on our years of experience.

How much cost

  $500-750+ USD

Get your quote

Every project is different. Tell us what you need and we will make it happen!

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